SunDo Beginners Course

Lesson #1

Warm Up - Start to the Spleen #6 pressure point.
Breathing Meditation - Postures 1-2
Qi Circulation - Start to the Massage.
Organ Exercises - WATER, Kidneys and Urinary Bladder

Lesson #2

Warm Up - Pressure points to the Twist.
Breathing Meditation - Postures 3-5
Qi Circulation - Massage to the Big circle of legs.
Organ Exercises - FIRE, Heart and Small Intestine

Lesson #3

Warm Up - Twist to the Spreading legs.
Breathing Meditation - Postures 6-7
Qi Circulation - Circle of legs to the Raising of body and legs.
Organ Exercises - WOOD, Liver and Gall Bladder

Lesson #4

Warm Up - Spreading of legs to the Feet together.
Breathing Meditation - Postures 8-10
Qi Circulation - Raising body and legs to the Head bridge.
Organ Exercises - METAL, Lungs and Large Intestine

Lesson #5

Warm Up - Feet together to the Crossed legs.
Breathing Meditation - Postures 11-14
Qi Circulation - Head bridge to the Full bridge.
Organ Exercises - EARTH, Spleen and Stomach

Lesson #6

Warm Up - Crossed legs to the Legs together.
Breathing Meditation - Postures 15-17
Qi Circulation - Full bridge to the Lifting of the legs.
Strengthening Exercises - Head Stand

Lesson #7

Warm Up - Legs together to the Postures on the knees.
Breathing Meditation - Postures 18-20
Qi Circulation - Lifting of the Legs to the rocking.
Strengthening Exercises - Push ups.

Lesson #8

Warm Up - Postures on the knees to the End.
Breathing Meditation - Postures 20-25
Qi Circulation - Rocking to the End.
Strengthening Exercises - Sit ups.