HOLA SUNDO AMIGOS, the third year of our relay is here. Let’s share the
practice again.
I’m hoping to sense our tradition is good and we will make it happen

We organize a 24 hour SUNDO RELAY on 22th to 23rd March 2024 called PASS
Peace and silence. Good contribution.

Th event is open to anyone interested, not limited to a particular SunDo school or master.
Like the last years, you can practice public on zoom and invite others or you can sign up for a private practice. Anything is appreciated.
You are also more then welcome to join public practices marked *


This year, after you do your participation, please write to the fb SUNDO RELAY event, comment, or email me one word or send a picture of any moment (breakfast after the practice, the flower on the balcony, your practice spot…)
We can make a sharing collage to imprint our memories.

Fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/372887265668332?ref=1I will update the time and participants there and on the website.

List of practices to join below.

*19.00 – 20.30 CET, Lenka Riva, 1st Level, ZOOM, Prague, CZ

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 841 0622 5430
Passcode: 128872

20.40 – 22.10 – Yun, Soonhyun, Korea, Private
22.20 – 23.50 – Master Hyunmoon Kim, Korea, Private
00.00 – 01.30 – Lenka Rivaslow small bits and meditation, ZOOM
01.40 – 03.10 – Nicolas Lavaud, ZOOM
03.20 – 04.50 – Paul Renall, Private
05.00 – 06.30 – Jaroslav Vyhnalík, Private
06.40 – 08.10 – Florin Serbanescu & Feri Korodi, Romaina, ZOOM
08.20 – 09.50 Milan Strnad Private
10.00 – 11.30 – Paul Renall, 1st level, ZOOM, ENGL
11.40 – 13.10 Jitka Kocánová, private
13.20 – 14.50 – Martin Zemek, Private
15.00 – 16.30 – Lenka Semerádová, 1st level, ZOOM
16.40 – 18.10 – Jesenka Curak, private, (8.40-10.10 Pacific Time)
18.20 – 19.00 Not a full practice, slow small bits and meditation Lenka Riva, ZOOM


1/ LEADING MEMBER of the relay is not required to be an instructor or
experienced person, enthusiasm is good enough. Good heart and Peaceful
mind is a ticket in.
If you lead via zoom:
– Guidance for the practice can be provided in your own language, also
you can do the practice in silence.
– You will have to provide the music for the breathing meditation. You
can play easy – from your phone, we will advise the participants to have
possibly their own music ready to play in case music provided is poor quality.
OR you can choose in zoom SHARE SCREEN, Advanced, Computer Audio and
then play the music from your computer (VCL player or any player you use, you have to have undo chant ready to play there, then play it at the beginning of breathing meditation)
– You can ask participants to mute themselves before the practice, just
to be sure…

– In zoom choose Gallery view (upper right corner in zoom, View, Gallery
view) or Pin the leading person (choose the zoom window with leading
person and click three dots in upper right corner, choose Pin)
– Please mute your computer (low left corner, microphone must me off)

You are welcome to share and invite anyone interested.
If the instructions for zoom seem too difficult, make it your own way.
Create your zoom link… No rigid rules.

Thank you.
Have nice days towards the spring
Lenka Riva

Lenka Riva Ryšková
606 643 873