Transformation through the Breath

Podcast with Jan Vojáček

Paul and Lenka were asked to give a Podcast with Jan Vojáček recently. You can view part of the Video on Youtube, to see the whole Video subscribe to Jan’s website for 5 euro per month.

18th European SunDo Retreat
April 25-28, 2024
Váňův statek, Dubovice

Time to recharge and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.
Taught by Master Hyunmoon Kim, one of the twelve teachers sanctioned by Grand Master Chung San to spread SunDo throughout the world.


Monday & Thursday

90 min SunDo Class


Monday 06.50-08.20 CZ

Thursday 06.50-08.20 CZ
Thursday 19.20-20.45 EN

Price: 180-200 Kč

Where: Arha Studio


Thursday & Sunday

90 min SunDo Class


Thursday 18.10-19.40 CZ
Where: ZŠ Bukovina
Price: 150 Kč

Sunday 17.00-18.30 CZ
Where: Budínská 18/20, Brno-Slatina (
Price: 200 Kč / 1.800 Kč

Mon, Tues & Thursday

90 min SunDo Class


Monday 19.10-20.20 CZ
9.15-10.45 EN
19.15-20.45 EN
Thursday 9.15-10.45 EN

Price: 6-8 EUR

Where: Online

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We work together

Nicolas Lavaud
Nicolas Lavaud

Head of the European SunDo Association and Organizer of Master Kim's retreats in the Czech Republic.

Lenka Riva Ryšková
Lenka Riva Ryšková

Teaches SunDo Classes in Prague and Online.
Leads Workshops.

Paul Renall
Paul Renall

Leads SunDo Classes in English.

Jaroslav Vyhnalík
Jaroslav Vyhnalík

Leads SunDo Classes in Bukovina.

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