The European SunDo Association is a Czech based group, formed to facilitate the development of SunDo practitioners while being connected to the Poil KoukSunDo Federation under the guidance of Master Hyunmoon Kim.


The practice of SunDo returns us to our natural being, to our basic goodness. We believe that if we feel good about ourselves, we will have the potential to do well to others. In any form that is close to our heart.


In today’s world, we see the support in the regular practice of SunDo as something stable, returning to nature and thus corrective.
The tradition of SunDo is ancient, the process is gradual, it is impossible to hurry or buy.

In addition to the comprehensive care for body and soul that SunDo provides, we see calming and slowing down as a benefit to today’s lifestyle for each of us.



To ensure connection to the Poil KoukSunDo Federation the European SunDo Association pays an annual Fee.
To cover this Fee practitioners pay a Membership.

Once the practitioner reaches the Second Level, they are obliged to pay the Membership. By paying the fee the practitioner will get a discounted price to the annual retreat with Master Kim, as well as support in their progress through the SunDo levels.

First Year Membership

European SunDo Association
800 Per Year
  • First Year

Second Year Membership

European SunDo Association
700 Per Year
  • Second Year

Third Year Membership

European SunDo Association
600 Per Year
  • Third Year