SunDo practice helps to develop a strong life energy and activates the natural healing powers of our body. During the breathing part of the practice, it induces deep meditation states and deepens our spirituality.

The practice releases the energy blocked in our body and gathers the life energy of qi. As a result, the practitioner feels an improvement in health at the physical level. Once the danjun (lower abdomen) is fed with stronger energy, the mind is balanced and grounded. As more oxygen gets into the body during the practice, our metabolism also improves. Practice promotes blood circulation in the body and thereby helps to recover from fatigue and mental tension.

SunDo practice is also known to help with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. The digestion improves because deep abdominal breathing stimulates the intestines. As we improve digestion and excretion, we clear and cleanse the skin.

After several months of practice – depending on the individual development of the practitioner and the intensity of the practice – people report that they perceive heat generated in the danjun and experience liveliness and a higher vibration level of the body thanks to the activated qi energy.

People who start practicing SunDo most often report:

  • better and deeper sleep
  • less fatigue and exhaustion
  • more energy in everyday life
  • more concentration and a clear mind
  • improvement body more flexible
  • relieve from emotional stress
  • better digestion with normal and regular bowel movement
  • warmer limb extremities (for those suffering from cold hands and feet)
  • flu resistance and quicker recoveries from disease/accidents
  • overall a strengthening of the immune system